My first notable project on the RaspberryPi involved the Pi version of Minecrat and the wonderful Pandora-in-your-terminal app Pianobar. I thought it would be useful  fun to create a remote control in Minecraft that would work with Pianobar. I settled upon creating a ‘trigger’ block that could be right-clicked to bring up this menu of blocks. In the video below, the trigger block is sand. The block menu that pops up is updated with the current state of pianobar, so when I pause a song, the block turns from green to red. When I hit ‘next’, the next song starts playing and the first block turns back to green. I enjoyed myself quite a bit on this one.


and then for good measure I output the song title and artist to sky-writing in the Minecraft world. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I have not tested this code since the video was taken in February of 2013. The fundamentals are still good, but I doubt it still works out of the box.

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