This year there have been a few attempts at connecting your smartphone to your Arduino. (see Amarino, Adafruit’s BlueFruit UART) Thanks to the MakerHive I recently had a chance to play with the 1Sheeld and come up with a demo project for it.


The 1Sheeld is a board that plugs into an Arduino Uno (thus the misspelling of “shield”) and redirects the UART to Bluetooth so it can send/receive information to/from a smartphone. The PCB is a bit expensive at over $50, but it’s a complete solution that is really simple to program. It is seriously easier than the already-simple Arduino it rides on.

Once the 1Sheeld PCB is plugged into the Arduino and powered up it can communicate with the 1Sheeld app on a smartphone. Once connected, the app let’s you select from a number of “virtual shields.” Check out the list of possibilities.

As a demo project, I made a talking HAL button for the MakerHive. The bot is supposed to greet visitors when the arrive and say good-bye when they left. It will also take a picture of the person and tweet it (the twitter feed will of course be chrome-casted to the TV in the Hive.) Check out the code and video below as well as the page for this.


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